We Invested In A Hud Home

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Not bad but the home had the rugs taken out, floor tile chipped  out.  Found Dale through Google search. Glad I did.
Came out within 2 days (I am happy for that). We wanted to get this done. All the junk, pet dander, rug schredds, tile chips, wood splinters, etc.
ALL GONE. Clean and sanitized.
Thank You,
Susan S. - Old Colorado City

Attic Insulation Was Old

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This was covered with dust from the outside.
Attic insulation was old. The air duct cleaning was good, The dryer vent duct was clogged.
The sanitizing was free. The Attic insulation was only 3" deep. It was 8" when it was put in years ago.
He vacked it out and we put in new insulation. Thanks tons you saved me time and money.
It took 8 bags total.
by BEN in Colorado Springs, CO

Free Got Me

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FREE dryer vent clean And sanitizing! Save,save,save.
Did a great job,I saw the junk go through the hose as he was cleaning.
Told me of A&A Heating for heater tune up and humidifier fix.
by Tim in Colorado Springs, CO