Super Hero Air Duct Cleaner

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I am the owner of Complete  air duct cleaning. Last weekend I went to a home, a nice home in a nice neighborhood.They called and said that the dryer was taking 3 to 4 times at 30 minutes each time to dry a small load of shirts.I must say I was a Hero. There I was in my uniform I had my super hero screwdriver in my hand and my super hero face mask on to conceal my face and to keep the Evil bad dust things from entering into my lungs.
(my wife makes me put it on she loves me)
I pull away the dryer from the wall as any dryer duct cleaning super hero would do and there it was! 3 years worth of Soap powder, 5 socks a coat hanger, Number 2 pencel. The list goes on. Oh yes the money,, 5 pennies.
 (I keep 50% of what I find). As I removed the 8 foot flex dryer duct that only needed to be 3 feet. My super hero smile started to gleam from ear to ear.First it’s kind of easy being a super hero. Yes the glimmer of dust particles floating by as in a parade. The home owner crying with tears of Shock and then… (Pause here...) I got to watch the tears as they turn to joy. why? You ask why? For 3 years there was a Turdus migratorius living life as they know it right inside the duct hose coming and going as it pleased. Turdus migratorius Also called North American Robin. I hooked up the dryer duct hose ,turned on the dryer and whoosha all better.
This home owner had a service man come out for 3 years and every year charged her good money for the house call & a heating coil each year. 
I put a end to that .Why ,,,? I am a super hero air duct cleaner.
Had the service man pulled out the dryer duct he would have seen the problem. 
Dryer duct cleaning from $60 to $100 never over.
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